How It Works



Site Creation

Average Joe Invest offers you the opportunity to partner in the creation & development of an online shopping site.



Our web team specializes in marketing & advertising the site to online shoppers looking to buy today.



After 6 months Average Joe Invest will buy your share of the site for up to a 50% profit on your initial capitalization.

Average Joe Invest offers the opportunity to partner in the creation and development of an online shopping site that will be marketed and advertised to online shoppers looking to buy today. After 6 months the site will be sold for up to 50% profit of the partner’s initial capitalization.

Site Creation

Domain selection and keyword research

A well selected domain is one of the most instrumental aspects of a successful online website. Without a good domain name, you will get minimal exposure, poor search engine ratings, and ultimately, make no money.

Selecting a good domain takes time, research, and a bit of creativity. Some of the greatest domains out there are thought up by your average joe, but the majority are created by experienced web developers and marketers like the ones here at Average Joe Invest.

Site hosting and system set-up

If you want a website, you need a server or something to host your website and keep it up and running. Although there are tons of online website hosting solutions available, you have to make sure you select a hosting service that will best suit your online business. Your hosting source can actually be a detriment to your traffic and online rankings if you do not select one wisely.

We make sure all features and requirements of running an optimal online store are available in the servers we utilize. From running unique IP’s to dedicated servers with the proper PHP protocols, we built our websites on servers optimized ecommerce.

Web design and store creation

Have you ever made a website? How about, have you ever made a website that generated online sales and made you money even when you sleep? A lot of people can and have made websites, but to create one that can earn you money? Well that’s a whole different story.

We build websites that are proven to make money. Simple as that. Our team has been creating profitable websites for the past 6 years. The strategies are proven and designs are tested.

Online Marketing

Social Media

Social media is the heart of the digital sharing age we live in, and we use it to market each of our websites to millions of potential customers. From Facebook to Twitter and even YouTube, Average Joe Invest puts all of our partnership companies online with social media to gain the best possible visibility on the internet.

Pay Per Click Traffic

A staple in any online marketing strategy and the fastest way to start making money. Provided, you will have to spend some cash, if done right, you will see consistent returns. But be warned, there are thousands of cases of people who do not know what they are doing with Pay Per Click, and end up costing them thousands of dollars with little to no return. There’s a right way and a wrong way, and Average Joe Invest does it the right way.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is tossed around is a term that everyone seems to want but no one really knows what it is. In reality, Search Engine Optimization is just about anything you do to help your website get higher up on the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The thing is, SEO varies depending on what site you are trying to rank so there are no real cookie-cutter strategies for a website. We customize an SEO program focused on content and quality that targets specific keywords for each of our partner sites.


Our sites are optimized for mobile browsing and viewing. Mobile is the next wave of marketing – with nearly everybody spending hours and hours glued to their smart phones and tablet devices. Each of our partner websites are mobile friendly and allows ease of purchasing from the most popular mobile platforms: Android and iOS.


3rd party affiliates for retail products

Average Joe Invest teams up with large distributors and internet affiliates and monetize your website for you. These multi-million and billion dollar companies work with us because of our performance history – something a new company does not have. Partnering with Average Joe Invest allows you to leverage our performance record to start profiting on your website from day one.

Split Testing

Even when all of the money making processes are in place, there still remains room for improvement. Our team runs split testing for different products and sales methods to figure out exactly what brings in the highest return.