Hear what our Partners have to say about the AJI Partnership Program

Mike Ausmus Deerfield FL

“The thing I like best is actually Joe… Everybody was nervous about investing in this kind of thing [but] Joe sold me on it. He brought me to his house and made me more than comfortable. He gave me the code to get into his gate to get into his neighbor hood. That’s how trusting he is.”

Mike Ausmus – Deerfield FL

“What I like best? The money! I liked investing and doubling on my investment. I really enjoyed that.”

Cheryl Coakley – Miami FL

Cheryl Coakley Miami FL

Mike Poggi Davie FL

“This is a company that I can trust, I’m a person that doesn’t trust people easily and this has made a big difference for me and my family.”

Caren Kissel – Boca Raton FL

“I actually made a big mistake when I first heard about this 8 months ago, and my big mistake was I waited 2 months before I invested which was foolish. I am taking my full investment this time and re-investing it.”

William Weinstock – Palm Beach Gardens FL

Peter Poggi Davie FL

JT Bruce Pompano Beach FL

“My experience with Average Joe Invest has been absolutely incredible. I was at one point involved in doing some website development and what they’re able to do blows away the hours and hours and hours that I spent on personally trying to get my website ranked and trying to get traffic to it.”

Dan Singleton – Ft. Lauderdale FL

We’ve done the Average Joe Investment so my children will be able to double their money so they will be able to put towards their college fund.

Kristine Marie Fennell – Hollywood FL

Esther Maya Tamarac FL

Claudiu Peter Miami Beach

“It was a safe fun way to make money in the market without taking much risk.”

Joseph Reina – Plantation FL

“This has been one of the best business decisions of my life. I am so happy to be a part of this program.”

Charles Theisen - Hollywood FL

Gary Kissel Boca Raton FL

Mike Poggi Davie FL

“My websites made $100 a day, which was unbelievable. So just in 30 days, I had already made $3,000. It was that fast.”

Mike Poggi – Davie FL

“I invested and this big beautiful surprise of my money coming to me 2 months earlier. What better gift to receive on Easter or any holiday?”

Peter Poggi – Davie FL

Peter Poggi Davie FL

JT Bruce Pompano Beach FL

“In over 45 years of investing I’ve not come across one that has so little, virtually no risk, and has the ability to double my money in such a short period of time and do it again, and again, and again and again.”

JT Bruce – Pompano Beach FL

“At first I was little afraid, it was my first time. But the executive made me very confident by talking to me everyday.”

Esther Maya – Tamarac FL

Esther Maya Tamarac FL

Claudiu Peter Miami Beach

“It’s a great opportunity and I think everybody should have it, to start their own business.”

Claudiu Peter – Miami Beach

“Its new, its fresh, its exciting, its a big pay off and its great people to work with”

Gary Kissel – Boca Raton FL

Gary Kissel Boca Raton FL

Ezra Maya Tamarac FL

“The investment was very good and the returns were very good. I took a chance.” (translated from Spanish)

Ezra Maya – Tamarac FL

“It almost seemed too good to be true… And yet we took the plunge, we gave the website a try and my goodness it actually did work!”

Lynn Freytag – Deerfield FL

Lynn Freytag Deerfield FL

Glenn Freytag Deerfield FL

“I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity when it was presented to me, but my sister did. So now I watched her get her BIG check and I have to wait four more months.”

Glenn Freytag - Deerfield FL